Something totally new

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Description: Jayden's phone is broken and she has an important date tonight. She asks JB to wake her up in exactly an hour so she doesn't miss it. This guy was willing to try some new sex stuff with her and she's been craving a good fucking. Unfortunately, JB forgets to wake her up and Jayden is pissed. JB tries calming her down, and wants to know exactly what she was going to do with this guy. She briefs him on her getting slapped, thrown around, and dominated. JB agrees that she's at the age where she deserves to be fucked right, and even compares her to her mom. Jayden then asks if maybe JB can fuck her right? He responds with a crisp slap to her face and some forceful commands. He pulls her down to her knees and aggressively fucks her adolescent face. When she starts to choke he slaps her again then bends her over the desk and destroys that pussy. After JB nuts all on her face, Jayden realizes she didn't know exactly what she was getting into, but is sure glad she did it with someone she knows before she did it with a stranger. On to the next one!
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